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Xyliase is the most advanced software for account management and automated registration to this date, with many provided features.

What Features does

Xyliase Provide

- collecting data on server members
- multithreaded mode: parsing several servers simultaneously
- all kinds of filters are available: user status, user device, user activity, voice chat participant, shared server filter, checking of certain roles, checking of default avatars, date of connection to the server, date of user registration
- after parsing is created list of users that can be edited, merged, randomized export, export

- the registrar can work in 50+ streams without any load on the PC

- custom or random email generation

- custom or random name generation
- email and phone verification
- solve captchas
- socks/http proxies (receiving free proxies)
- saving tokens
- inviting to servers
- account restriction
- avatar upload function

- multithreaded mode is available, speed is 150+ messages per minute
- sending up to 10 files (with spoiler function)
- automatic account change: you specify the required number of messages and the software sends from these accounts, alternately changing them
- auto-response: when receiving messages from users, software sends a message with a specific timeout. You can also customize scripts for your answers.
- adding users to friends - before sending messages the program throws a request to friends
- black list: after successful sending a message, the user will be added to the blacklist application that can be edited
- the message text can be changed be right during the spamming, there is support for randomization
Also added high-speed server spammer with all possible settings.
Stop, pause, view logs, and much more you can take advantage of dispatch.

- mass mention users

- delete message after sending

- adding accounts does not take much time, you specify email and password, if any - token. You can add up to 1000 accounts
- for maximum speed, the software uses tokens, which it receives automatically
- resume session: the software logs into your Discord account using his data
- mass account management: change of usernames and avatars (selection of random images/usernames from the specified, speed - 10+ accounts per second)
- all accounts can be exported in a convenient format

- created spammer in voice channels
- call to users

- add game activity and custom statuses on accounts

- check all of your accounts/tokens at once

- disable inactive accounts

- enable, delete, export accounts


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