Using Discord to Grow Your Business

Xyliase helps you take your business to the next level by growing relevant followers, engagements, & sales.

Why Choose Xyliase?


Gather and make a collection of users. Filter them by roles and servers.


Xyliase has an English, Russian and Spanish version of the software.

Auto Messaging

Add up to 1,000 accounts and use them all at once for your tasks.


Xyliase to this date is the most advanced account management and automation tool with weekly maintenance and updates.

Dark Mode

Get a customized theme to your liking. Choose from either light and dark mode.

Proxy Support

You can use http/https and socks4/socks5 proxies.

Account Registrator

- Flexible configuration

Full documentation

- Add custom profile pictures

- Automatic captcha solving

- Automatic phone verification

Email verification [iMap]

Manage account exporting

Server invitation

Bilingual (English & Russian)

Free http/https & sock4/sock5 Proxies

24/7 Customer Support

Consistent updates

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A Discord account management and automation tool for your business.

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