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A great tool, but an awesome support. A good tool like this one is not necessarily common, but a support as responsive, kind and qualified as this one, it’s unique…



Xyliase is the real deal, customer support is 10/10, I bought lifetime subscription on both tools. They will make sure you are taken care of response time is very quick, program is well designed, and affordable. If you are looking for a discord tool I high recommend this one. ++rep Thanks again guys.



amazing business and service, got all I needed at the end, very good, always buying with this guy when i need, vouch and +rep



I am not smart, but I mist say vouch for @HeavensWaffles, helped me through everything and seemed very patient with me the whole time. 10/10 With what I paid. 👍



VOUCH!! If you have all the necessary things, you will be set. Support is good, fast and extremely patient. amazing tool!



Amazing program ! from all the program i tried this is the simplest yet the most powerful program out there ! 100% recommend to buy 10/10



huge fucking rep man this tool is amazing, we’ve been trolling furry servers 10000% recommend



best support, best application with electron. easy-to-use many api support very great.



We’re set out to provide you the most quality and affordable software to perform automated tasks for promotion of your Discord. With an easy to use multi-purposes software, and consistent automatic updates, we want to ensure that you derive the best results possible.

Our Mission Statement

The best price for the most advanced, high speed and responsive software. Get a plan to use all your capabilities right now.

Pricing Plans

Main Tool


Flexible configuration
Parsing (collect user list)

Messaging (dm, server, user)


Account Management

Account checker

Light/Dark mode

Bilingual (En/RU)

Registrator V2


Flexible configuration
Custom profile pictures
Captcha solving
Phone verification
Email verification [iMap]

Manage exporting

Free http & socks proxies

Bilingual (En/RU)

Grow your business to a new level, increase the number of subscribers and sales.
Suitable for any kind of work in Discord.

Using Discord to Grow Your Business


Filter out the desired target audience. Check online users, avatars, mutual groups. Up to 10,000 users per minute.

Send up to 300 messages per minute. Auto response. Attaching files. Black list of users. Message in groups.

Mass Mailing

Invite 1000+ of live accounts in your groups and channels.


Account Management

Editing of a photo, name, username and bio on all your accounts at the same time.

Account Creation

Automatically register accounts, you do not need to do anything manually.

Dark Mode

Get a customized theme to your liking. Choose from either light and dark mode.

*Good to know! You are not limited by our application. You have full control and customizability of your tasks to derive the desired results. We make the work easy for you to automate your tasks.


A Discord account management and automation tool for your business. Xyliase is a technology company specializing in automation and robotics.

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