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Where do I get proxies?

The following are very cheap proxy providers: proxyline.netproxy.housemyprivateproxy.net

How many proxies do I need?

Recommended rate is 1 proxy for 4 accounts at most. The more proxies the better.


What is the correct proxy format?

The correct proxy format is login:pass@ip:port. If you are using public proxies, ip:port will work too.

Should I share registrator proxies with spamming proxies?

No! You want to avoid mixing proxies that you used to create accounts, with the ones you're going to use to spam. This will help your accounts stay active longer.


What is parsing?

Parsing is data gathering of users in servers that you specify. You use this information for dm messaging.

Why do I get errors, or too few users get parsed?

Discord has made a serious patch in parsing, where protected servers are very difficult to parse. The best thing to do is to find another server.


Should I add delays?

Yes, recommended amount is 0-3 seconds.

What's the best way to dm messaging?

Select a certain amount of theads to begin with (this is how many accounts will be messaging per session), and then select the rest in "Automatic Account Change". You will be able to set a limit per account there. Selecting "Change Accounts One By One" will make dm spamming without message limits.

Guide to DM Messaging

How to best set up/tune your settings for maximum performance.

Discord takes "DM Advertising" very seriously, and even doing this manually can get your account deactivated easily. To get the best results, it is highly suggested to Download This Text Guide.

Account Template Info

Custom real scraped Avatars, Usernames, Statuses, Game activity

You can download all this here.