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Where do I get proxies?

We recommend our proxy service

How many proxies do I need?

Recommended rate is 1 proxy for 4 accounts at most. The more proxies the better.


What is the correct proxy format?

The correct proxy format is login:pass@ip:port. Otherwise, ip:port will work too.

Should I share proxies with Auto Registrator and Main Tool?

No, you want to avoid mixing proxies that you used to create accounts, with the ones you're going to use with Main Tool. This will help your accounts stay active longer.


What is parsing?

Parsing is gathering of users in servers that you specify. You use this information for your dm messaging campaign.

Why do I get "too few users" error when parsing?

Discord has removed endpoints, which seriously affected parsing. Only online users in public accessible channels can be parsed. Large servers are difficult to parse, the best thing to do is to find another server.

Auto Messaging

Should I add delays?

Yes, avoid spam by adding message delays and text randomizations. This way you will be within compliance of discords anti-spam policy and avoid triggering countermeasures

What's the best way to dm messaging?

Select a certain amount of threads to begin with (this is how many accounts will be messaging per session), and then select the rest in "Automatic Account Change". You will be able to set a limit per account there. Selecting "Change Accounts One By One" will make dm spamming without message limits.

Guide to DM Messaging

How to best set up/tune your settings for maximum performance.

Discord takes spam very seriously. To get the best results, simply don't spam or break Discords guidelines. The key is to send as organic and natural messages as possible.

1.) Have a Proxy rate of 1:4 at most. The lower the better.

2.) Go to Settings and set time out to 15 minutes.

3.) Age your accounts. Recommended age is at least 14 days.

4.) Randomize your messages, have as many variations as possible. The following example gives us 25 message variations. Ex: {Hello|Hey|Hi} {how is|hows} {the|your} day {going|so far}?

5.) Select a few accounts/threads, then select "Automatic Account Change", click "Select All" to select the remaining accounts.

6.) Add delays. 1-10 seconds should be enough, however increasing delays may derive even better results.

7.) Avoid using links, if you have to, check once more in Documentation > Limits to see what the recommended amount of messages with links is. For Discord invitations, remove https://, your invitation will still be sent. Ex:

8.) Make your messages as authentic as possible. Remember, if it looks like spam, Discord likely sees it as spam. Avoid using many emojis, long texts, bold/capital characters, links ect.

9.) After your session ends, if you want to "Start" again randomize your user list. Go to "Parse", select the server, and randomize the list. It's important to randomize to avoid messaging failed users again.

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Account Template Info

Custom real scraped Avatars, Usernames, Statuses, Game activity

You can download all this here.