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Where can you get proxies?

To avoid proxy source pollution, we cannot recommend any sources. It is up to you to find a private proxy provider. Refrain from using any source that offers public proxies. They are slow, saturated, and unsafe.

What kind of proxies are good?

Consider using backconnect rotating proxies, residential or datacenter. It is preferable that the service also officers unlimited bandwith. With these you will have a large pool of proxies.

How many proxies do I need?

Recommended amount of proxies is to not go over 1 proxy for 3 accounts. The lower the rate the better.

What is the correct proxy format?

The correct proxy format is login:pass@ip:port or ip:port (requires ip authorization).


What is an API key?

An API key identifies the service and its user (you) and communicates with the application. It is used to grab access to your account, and send requests to solve captchas or sms.


What is the best captcha solver?

We recommend that you use RuCaptcha/2Captcha.

What should you use for phone verification?

We recommend that you use sms-activate,

Email verification.

If you register more than one account per proxy, the account will require email verification. For verification with iMap, use commercial domains such as: google, yahoo, hotmail/outlook, You can get emails from our store.

What countries should I use for phone numbers?

Ukraine, Latvian, Finnish, Swiss, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Kyrgyz, or Romanian numbers.


How many threads should I use?

The recommended thread amount is 5 threads. This will help avoid limiting the accounts, and will help you pay attention to logs to avoid mass errors.

Make HQ Long Lasting Accounts

How do I make HQ long lasting accounts?

- It is required to have paid dedicated private proxies (preferably that no one else uses them for Discord).
- Good phone numbers (Ukrainian, Latvian, Finish, Swiss, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Kyrgyz, Romanian).
- Commercial email domains (google, yahoo, hotmail, outlook).

- Avoid using many threads.
- Register at 19:00 - 2:00 UTC
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Common Questions

Why are accounts not being saved into my .txt file?

This likely indicates that there was an error which prevented a certain task to be completed, due to this the account will not save as the application is sensitive and will only save when all requirements are met. Look in your logs to see what errors you may be getting. Pehaps email or phone verification was not complete, or avatar upload failed. Consider disabling "upload avatar" and "invite to server".

I'm getting errors, what should I do?

Find the error codes you are receiving, look them up in our "References" tab. In most cases these are user errors, not software errors.

Why does it say "Task on ruCaptcha was not complete"?

This is not an error (unless text is in in black). This is the status of the request to the captcha solving service, it means that the captcha has not yet been solved. Please be patient as it may take 30+ seconds to complete a captcha on average.

How long should I wait after creating my accounts?

You want to give your accounts some time and not set activity right away. Recommended wait time is 1-2 hours.

Should accounts join a server during registration?

To avoid limits and restrictions from Discord, it is not recommended. Do this after 1-2 hours with our Main Tool.

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